Much of our Reputation is BUILT ON SERVICE

Not everyone is in need of NEW tooling - you may have a stock of tools that need some TLC or maintenance.

We have experienced engineers that can help guide you through the process of REMAN or RECONDITION as well as the altering of existing tooling to new specs.

We understand that tooling is an investment, and we have many avenues to help your tooling LAST.


Weldon Flats

Chip Breakers

Shank Relief

Recondition vs Remanufacture

Reconditioning removes less of the diameter than re-grinding.
• Don't turn your expensive, high performance cutting tools into cheap regrinds
• Simply re-grinding the O.D. of tooling will make a tool sharp again however, with each re-grind, you lose a portion of its original geometry and performance. 
• Loss of original design geometry leads to lost tool life and requires machining parameters to be slowed down to match the diminishing performance of re-ground cutting tools. 
• High performance tooling has become very sophisticated and expensive.

ATI will RECONDITION your tooling on the same state-of-the-art grinders that the tooling was originally made on. Geometry will be brought back to original design specs.
• Reconditioning in 2-3 week
• Special containers supplied for safe handling of high dollar tooling 
• Pickup and delivery

Remanufacturing maximizes the service life of your tooling.
Your tooling can go through the process of reconditioning several times before it needs to be cut-off and REMANUFACTURED.
Cut lengths specifically designated to allow for flute cutoff.
8" OAL tooling to 6" OAL
6" OAL tooling to 4" OAL
4" OAL tooling to 3" OAL

HB2 series - part# HB5002-80C03
• 1/2" diameter x 8" over all length and has 1.00" length of cut.
• When it can no longer be reconditioned, it's sent through REMANUFACTURING
• It's 1" LOC is cutoff and regenerated as a 1/2 x 6" OAL with 1" LOC. 
• It can go through reconditioning until it is again REMANUFACTURED as a 4" OAL tool with 1" LOC.   

Weldon Flats

Added to any tool in any location within 48 hours.

Shank Relief

Chip Breakers

Edge Prep

Added within 24 hours.

Insert Modification

You dream it - we make it.

Solid Carbide Micro Boring Bars



A variety of coatings are offered for added value and longevity.

Laser Engraving

We can add any tooling I.D. that you would like to the shank of your tooling.


We use HELICHECKs and a variety of other inspection machines to provide a non-contact measurement to maintain repeatability and edges throughout the manufacturing process.