Why Choose Us?

Partnering with us is like having your own IN-HOUSE tooling department!


• Rollomatic
• Walter
• Unison
• Trutech

With over 40 CNC grinders,  ATI is able to produce A WIDE RANGE of precision, high performance tools economically.  We offer unmatched manufacturing versatility in the trade. We are able to manufacture any geometry required to maximize today’s high performance machine tools.

ATI can often provide product at 15 to 30% below its competitor’s prices.


From its very beginnings ATI has maintained a very high standard of quality.  ATI started and developed its business serving the very demanding mold and die industry in Wisconsin, where quality and repeatability were often the primary selection criteria.

ATI employs laser micrometers and a vision system to enhance its early metrology capabilities.   Two Walter Helicheck systems have been added to assure the conformity and consistency of complex tool geometries.

ATI has developed very close ties with its sources of supply for carbide rod, grinding wheels and coating services.

Customs / Specials

Tool geometries have become very complex and can employ a variety of attributes including variable helix angle, variable spaced flutes and variable rake angles.

A number of tool design features can be implemented to achieve chip-breaking for a given workpiece material and application.

Multi-flute routers for milling of composite materials often include low helix angles, up-down compression and reverse helix chipbreakers to efficiently shear fibers and shorten chip for improved chip removal.

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Advanced Tooling Inc. was built on SPECIAL tooling services.

Provide us with a tool print or sketch to quote.  If you don't have a tool print, provide a part print and our engineers will design the proper tool for your job.

Our in house machining center allows to run sample parts from your job and make necessary changes / adjustments to cutting tool geometry ensuring performance is where it needs to be before arriving at your facility saving your shop time.

Need help with application?

All machines, setups, and fixture designs are different.  Our application engineers are available to come to your shop to help evaluate the most efficient tool for your setup.


Advanced Tooling Inc. utilizes the best and newest offering from Walter, Anca, Rollomatic and TruTech.

State-of-the-art CNC cutter grinders and new Linear CNCs  allow ATI to produce high performance tooling that is second-to-none in quality and consistency.  The variety of machines gives ATI the versatility to manufacture any geometry required to maximize today’s high performance machine tools.


WALTER provides cutting edge technology to the tool grinding machine market with an extensive product line that includes the HELITRONIC VISION tool grinder (featuring linear/torque motors in all axes) and HELITRONIC POWER universal CNC tool grinders. ... When measuring machines are required, the WALTER line delivers.


ANCA is a market leader of high quality CNC tool and cutter grinders. ANCA is renowned for the flexibility of its tool design software and machines which enable you to produce a wide variety of complex tools. These include grinding endmills, profile cutters, burrs and punches. ANCA's tool grinders are the perfect choice for the production and resharpening of all your HSS and carbide cutting tools.


Rollomatics are Swiss-made. Rollomatics are known for producing high precision cutting tools in long, consistent production runs.

With a walk down Rollomatic Row, you'll find the production of our microtool lines and tools for the medical industry.

Tru Tech

TRU TECH Systems can provide the finest in high precision grinding services. We specialize in grinding precision round parts for the aerospace, electronics, medical, and small component industries.


“We at Tecomet have developed a GREAT! Partnership with Advanced Tooling, Inc (ATI) over the past couple of years.  Their dedication to our specific needs is evident in everything they do for us.  We appreciate their prices, quality and lead times.  Especially the “SUPER” quick turn around on rush jobs.”

Todd Nelson,
Crib Tool Keeper

Tecomet Inc
Kenosha Wisconsin

“ATI provides superior service regarding ultra fast turn around of specialty tooling with better pricing than any other manufacturers we have done business with in the past.  In response to issues we have had machining complicated machining features on the shop floor, ATI takes the initiative to help us find a solution to any complicated feature we have.  I would highly recommend ATI as a first point of contact regarding milling, drilling, and specialty solid carbide tooling.”

Kirk Eichmann,
Production Engineer

Manitowoc Tool & Machining
Manitowoc, Wisconsin

“Even though ATI is half way across the state, they are the next best thing to having an in house tooling department. When our customer needs parts fast, we need custom tools even faster.  ATI is always there responding to our short lead times at a very reasonable cost.”

Barry Flatoff,
Manufacturing Engineer

Point Precision, Inc
Plover, Wisconsin

ADVANCED state-of-the-art cutting tool
manufacturing in the heart of Wisconsin

27,300 square foot facility

Advanced Tooling, Inc. is committed to stay on the “Cutting Edge” of technology. We have over 40 state-of-the-art CNC cutter grinders, allowing Advanced Tooling, Inc. to produce high performance tooling that is second-to-none in quality and consistency. By utilizing the best and newest machines from WALTER, ANCA, ROLLOMATIC, UNISON and TRUTECH, we offer unmatched manufacturing versatility in the trade. We are able to manufacture any geometry required to maximize today’s high performance machine tools.

We’ve recently added some of the latest technologies to cutter grinding to our floor - linear motion machines. Linear machines produce a superior surface finish. To date, we have 4 linear ANCA grinders, 2 linear WALTER grinders, and have just installed our first linear ROLLOMATIC. We are very proud of our facilities and welcome visits at any time.